17 October 2012

17th of October

It's 00:15 am Vancouver timezone and 16:15 pm in Tokyo.

I haven't heard anything from her yet.

00:19 She is on Skype. Talking to her now.

01:22 ** Call to Kitty, duration 1:04:37. ***

She brought the little Hello Kitty with her
**Jeanette: Yup, she will go everywhere I go in Thailand :)

Hello Frokitty

*Hating face*
**Jeanette: How could you post this pic?!! lolzzz

Such a long day waiting to hear from her. We tried up early so we could go for breakfast together. We went to Cafe Medina (http://www.medinacafe.com). I got Tagine while she had Fricassé. This coffee shop is famous for its cozy, artistic decoration, breakfast and coffee (latte/mocha). There is always a lineup outside for brunch if you go around 10 or 11am.
Lavender Mocha & Raspberry Caramel Latte



I was pretty worried and kept checking my phone for the whole day in case she called or texted me but it is all fine now. She is transferring in Tokyo and will be in Bangkok in 6 hours. I'm going to bed and try to wake up early tomorrow. Good night Kitty!!!!

**Jeanette: It was such a long & tiring flight but i was pretty lucky to have the exit seat where I could have lots of leg room (not that I have long legs or something...but it helps lol) I was soooo happy to see & talk to Puggy on skype at Narita airport. It has been just 1 day and I didn't know I will miss him this much :((
I arrived in Bangkok around 10:30 pm and came to my hotel at 11:30. I went out to get some food since I was so hungry from not eating much in the flight. I had Padthai from the outdoor food vendor across from the  hotel. I cannot believe that 35baht (little over a Dollar!) Padthai is wayyyyyy better than $8~$10 ones from Vancouver :p Sorry Puggy, I was possessed when I saw the food so I could not even take a picture :s lol After eating, I talked to mom and then Puggy on Skype. Then, of course, I was bombarded with so many emails for 20hours of not checking my email :( so I had to work on them before going to bed.

Sad Puggy :(
Cafe Medina on Urbanspoon


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