17 October 2012

Frokitty enjoying the sun 

Good morning from Bangkok :) 

The weather is quite nice here - around 32 C and Sunny :) 

Despite lovely weather, I woke up with massive bodyache & stuffy nose :( Probably because of long flight. Luckily today's morning appointment has been moved to Friday, so I could have some recovery time:)

I have decided stay in the same hotel as the last time (Novotel Ploenchit) because it is literally right in front of the BTS station and it has AWESOME breakfast buffet. :)

Ate so much :p lol
Noodle soup with lots of pepper flake for my cold :)

 After breakfast, I headed out to buy some medicine for my cold. I don't know what it is but Thai medicine works so fast on me! :D The pharmacist lady was so helpful in finding the right medicine for me :) 

There were many street vendors lining up near the BTS station. They were selling things like fresh fruit, meat skewer, fresh juice, coffee drinks and so on. I kind of regretted the fact I ate already when I saw them! hahaha :)
Fresh Fruit 
lots of street vendors
Pomegranate Juice
what is this fruit? Guava Kitty

**David: While Janette was enjoying her new day, great breakfast and fruits in Thailand, I have been struggling with my preparation for my Bio midterm tomorrow. There were so many things to memorize and my brain seems to stop working. I think I'd better go to bed and wake up early tomorrow to review. I miss Jeanette so much that I feel my day is so freaking long. Hope she will get over her cold soon and totally enjoy her trip.

Here is the photo that I took with Duymeow during my study break.

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