19 October 2012

There is reason for
putting this pic from morning...hehehe

I don't know why time does not fly like it used to...*sigh* it's only day 3. 
Last night, I had a trouble sleeping. I woke up at 2 am and could not get back to deep sleep till 5 a.m. so, i started my day early, trying to catch up on my emails and so on. I had 10 am meeting so, I went out at 9:30. I talked to David before going out and he said he's going out for dinner at Thai restaurant lolzz. I'm so jealous, puggy!*^0^*

Lovely Rumi Neely

My meetings finished around 1pm, so I went to Siam paragon to look around and impulsively went to color my hair at Moga International :p I initially wanted to have gradient bleach hair color like Rumi Neely. I was trying so hard to explain this to the hairdresser and of course, i failed to make them understand what I was saying. So, I showed the picture and she said "OH~~~~~!!! but i can't 0_0" 
that was WTF moment right there. Anyhow~ I decided to match my lower haircolor to the top. I will show you the result pic later ;)

After getting hair done, I walked around a lot. Here are some pics....
going to the BTS station 

Not the train I was waiting for

RAINBOW & Siam Paragon

Look! I found a pink kitty!

Lots and Lots of mirrors in the washroom

Piano exhibition????

My kinda ride lolzzzz

Love these chairs and table

fish bun





Would this be enough?


Tons of people during lunch hour

Shark Alert

Dunno the name..some kinda flat fish...



My lunch - Squid skewer and Pork balls in spicy sauce!

And Finally....My new hair :)

Do you like it?

At night I met up with Stephanie and agents to have dinner together :)

I was waiting in the lobby and saw this ridiculous deal. No limit Beer and Burgers for 399 Baht. That's like $13!!!!!!

We need this deal in Vancouver

On the way to Central world

Street market

Lots of traffic

I first thought it was Hulk, but it's not...

MK GOLD - Supposedly more "posh" but I didn't see the
difference :P 

My Love! Dang Mo Ban!

W/ Stephanie

I want this Puggy >0<

So infatuated by accessories lolzzz 
After Dinner, Stephanie, Ken and I went out to Siam Sq to check out street market. things were so cheap & there were many cute finds :) I bought 3 earrings for 50 baht (almost $2), some skirts and a cute red dress which is small for me :p lolzzz it's gonna go to Sinapa then.


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