20 October 2012

OMG, it's only day 4...:(
I had 2 meetings in the morning and then met Jay in the afternoon. The Jay that I remembered was quiet and shy brother of Sinapa's lol!! but he shattered my expectation hahahah! he talked a lot and his english was so much better than what I remembered from last time! :) Good for you Jay! 
Jay searched for possible thai restaurant that I might like and took me to Somtam Nua :D I have read about this place from travel blogs many time, so I was VERY excited :) The restaurant was located in Siam sq. and there were just TONS of cars and people on the street because it is a long weekend!

Zebras on the street.

This one is another tourist favorite (which I have not tried yet) Mango Tango.

 Somtam Nua

 Yam Un Sen 
Clear Glass Noodle Salad. It was so delish! had minced pork inside with some other veggie. 
had citrus & savory taste :)

 Grilled Pork Neck Meat 
Jay told me that this is one of Sinapa's favorite. (Sorry Sinapa>_<) 
The meat was very tender and it went well with thai sweet chili sauce & spicy chili sauce :)

Sticky Rice 
Love the cute dimsum-like container

Jay making Sinapa jealous lol

Kai tot (Fried Chicken)
Gotta love Thai fried chicken. SO GOOD

Som Tam w/ Preserved Egg
I've never tried the preserved egg before, but it was alright. Som tam was very savory and citrus-y. I though it would go so well with things like fried chicken because it will balance the richness of the dish :) Jay told me this is very good for diet since it is low calorie but eating this with so many other dish like us wouldn't really help lolzzz

After the meal, we walked around to shop! it was such a hot day (34 c) and soon I was exhausted! I have not been getting enough sleep these days, so I didn't last much in the sun. But I managed to buy leopard cross bag heheheh. so cute.Then, we headed to have some icy! we had icy at Hakka. The icy based we picked was Diamond ice which was thai tea base, I think. It was just soooo good & refreshing in the hot weather. However, I ate the icy too fast and it cause my cough get worse :(((((

 Icy at Hakka
The green jelly is Cantaloupe Jelly :)

I came back to hotel around 4pm and was already so tired and sick. I wanted to go out to the market again in the evening but I couldn't :( I took medicine and slept quite well till 1:45 a.m. I think it was the first day since I'm in Bangkok that I slept over 7 hours. But I woke up feeling lonely and cold.. and extremely missing puggy :( *sigh* 

I couldn't believe it was just day 4 since she left to Thailand. My day was so much longer that I couldn't find anything to do. Actually I couldn't do anything else but missing her. 
Since I was sober after a night out with friends, I just wanted to stay home and took a rest but I had a class in the Friday afternoon. Ms. Parker was pretty happy and didn't look stressed out in the class. I hadn't seen her for 2 weeks because I had to take care of "someone special". After that, I spent my Friday night with to catch up with my brothers. We went to play soccer for few hours and came back, stayed up late til 4 in the morning to play cards. Such a good time but I didn't enjoy to its fullest. Well, I think that's because a part of mine is not here with me.


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