21 October 2012

Today, I went to my friend's birthday at West restaurant (http://www.westrestaurant.com/). Met some good Vietnamese people in Vancouver. West Restaurant is a really fancy one (and of course, it's very expensive.) The food was superb. Just so good. I had a full western style dinner with a first course, a main course and a desert.

I made Jeanette sad today and I have been feeling so bad today. Hope she will have fun in Thailand and come back here with me soon. It's just Day 5.

Jeanette:  It was sunday so I did not have any meetings today. but I am having real bad trouble with sleeping these days. I woke up at 2am and could not go back to sleep. so I had breakfast at 6 then did some emails then headed out to MBK for shopping. I bought 2 loafers for David - Red suede & Navy blue leather. red one looks uber cute but i think the color on the picture scared him lolzzz

Cute Dog called Rambo in MBK

Many people were wishing for something 

Dunkin Donuts -where you can find free wifi and americans


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