23 October 2012

Today was the day I had to leave to Nakorn Si Tammarat to visit Walailak University. I had to take 6:45 flight and I woke up at 1:30 am - My time zone is just too screwed up these days. it's not even Vancouver time zone :p Anyways, I was upset from last night and was feeling down. On top of that, having little sleep really didn't help. Also I had a such a hard time packing up since I bought some bulky things :( & had to pay $100 more for the overweight charge.... A really bad morning altogether :P

Such a lovely shot from the plane :)

Landed at Nakorn Si Tammarat airport 

Such a cute airport. You literally walk to the airport terminal from the plane. 
Then, staffs will hand load you luggage!!

The university is located in Nakorn Si Tammarat but professors wanted to show us their students in intership in Koh Samui's resorts. When I decided to go to Krabi last year, I was considering Koh Samui as well and now I'm fortunate to go there for work :) After we arrived at Nakorn si Tammarat, we took an hour and half ferry to Koh Samui. 

Ferry ride to Koh Samui

They took us to Safari park in Koh Samui - we watched shows like Elephant show, Monkey show, Bird show, Cobra show and Crocodile Show. :)

I was surprised to see one elephant's big...junk..:P


This guy is giving blowjob to the cobra....

 Oh man, he is putting cobra in his pants...

Beautiful Leopard. She was keep on walking frantically in her small cage :(

Elephant asking for money

Money can make the elephant to do THIS.

Looking for the next generous donor..

 Giving a darn good massage to this man

 Monkey eating coconut. So cute!

Pretending to be crocodile's afternoon snack


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