28 October 2012

I can say it is my best Halloween ever. I had no idea what I would be until Jeanette came back from Thailand. Actually I didn't feel excited or so, my feeling was gone with her. :P She was in her sexy referee costume. Sinapa is a police. Anant is a clown. Me being an evil bunny.
We had a house party at Sinapa's place before heading to Barcelona. Thai people are so fun. We played some game to get a bit drunk and tipsy. I was surprised that the manager of Sinapa's building could let us make some noises, usually she doesn't. The weather was not supporting at all. It has been raining dog and cat for the last two weeks. If the weather was nice, we would have been on Granville and had fun with everyone.
Barcelona was packed, the line up was pretty crazy but we could skip the line. The music was OK but it had such a good party vibe. We really enjoyed ourselves so much that we felt really hungry and went to Wings for some chicken wings and beer. Chicken wings had never been that tasty before. I guess when we are all exhausted from dancing, everything should taste goooood. We went back in the club for another hour and left early.

 J being a brutal referee who can chop those who against her with a machete

my sexy ladies


I guess thumbs up is the way Thai people pose

Drink Up!!!!!

"Clown + Joker + Singing in the Rain" 


Cute couple



Sinapa wanted to have wings so bad.

Me being tortured

Me and Duy with a random LEGO dude.

I have missed 2 halloweens in a row since I started working. I was always on the road for the recruitment trip. This time, I scheduled it so i could come back BEFORE Halloween lol. It was surely a fun party :D I actually ordered 2 costume online but only 1 came :( Booooooo! AnywhO~ like David said, the music at Barcelona was just O.K..but so upset that they did not play Gangnam style...! lolzz  I really missed having wings @ Wings and oh boy, it tasted soooooo gooooood! :D I guess we are not going to have any party on actual Halloween night (David's midterm next day..) but I am so looking forward to next year's Halloween already hehe 


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