08 October 2012

I have to admit that it has been a such a long and emotionally exhausting Thanksgiving weekend for both of us...We have spent many hours asking questions and crying on the side of the road on Monday morning. We have never had this kind of conflict with each other, so I guess we could really learn and grow out of this experience. 

Murgh Shahi Korma on the front and
little glimpse of Lamb Methi in the back
After gorging on curry, we headed out to Ambleside Beach. The day was just so beautiful for Vancouver's Fall weather and we just HAD TO take advantage of it while it lasts. Again, we talked a lot and watched beautiful sunset together:) I don't know since when, but I just love watching sunset with David - It gives me the feeling of serenity & comfort.:) Although it was a gorgeous day, we could feel the fall creeping in for it was so chilly in the evening. I guess it's time for sweaters, rain, soups, movies and hot chocolate >ㅅ< 
Sunset at Ambleside Beach
Anywho~ when we finally reached somewhat of conclusion, we then realized that we were soooooooooo hungry since we did not have anything to eat till 2 pm. :P So we headed to West Vancouver's Handi's Restaurant (1340 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC) to grab some Indian food. We were surprised to see few familiar faces from the school, though :p haha

We had Murgh Shahi Korma (Boneless chicken cooked in white cashew nut sauce) and Lamb Methi (Boneless lamb cooked with garlic in a special curry sauce)with rice & naan bread. Of course I ordered to be very spicy but they did not have enough kick :P well, at least for my liking. Both curry came out in heated double layer bowl, which seemed very proper for Indian restaurants compared to other places that I have been to. Murgh Shahi Korma was very creamy and has little bit of sweet flavor to it. Then, Lamb Methi had typical curry base mixed with some garlic. I actually liked lamb methi better:)   

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