10 October 2012

It has been awhile since the last time I went visiting my homestay, Maria and Benito. They are the best homestay in town; I would recommend them to all my friends who needs homestay. They do not only provide great homemade Italian meals, but they also give you cares which you can't never find in other homestays. I was there for more than a year before my brother came to Vancouver. We moved out to downtown but have visited them often. I always feel like home when I come to see them. They are like families here to me, so special.

Photo taken in 2008. They are in their 52th year of marriage now

Today I took Jeanette for dinner to introduce her to them. (see how important you are to me kitty). We came early and brought them some concord grapes. It was such a good dinner, as usual, with marinated pork, deep fried zucchini and Polenta. Maria's desserts are so good; we had a mix of fruits topped with some vanilla ice-cream. I finally had time to catch up with them and update my homestay brothers' news. We stayed and watched TV with them for a bit before we left. I love when they stood near the windows, waed at us until we totally out of their sight. I think when you get old and do not know what could happen to you tomorrow, everything you do, everyone you see is all priceless.
We will go back to them soon, maybe when Jeanette comes back from Thailand.

P/S: Concord grapes are so good. You can find it in H-marts, Korean market, on Robson St.


  1. It was a heart-warming experience to meet Maria & Benito, puggy :) they are genuinely so sweet and caring and I could see why you were missing them so much. It is really rare to see international students to feel at home in homestays, but Maria & Benito seem to deliver something way more than just shelter and food for the students :)