09 October 2012

Such a long day for both of us but we felt like it passed by so fast. I felt really bad that Jeanette had to revise my essay til late. Getting out of her office, she just had enough time to go home and get changed then head straight to Tinseltown for the movie. We decided to go to Dredd since other movies are not high rating. It is not that bad as we thought of all even though we felt like to watch scene cuts from a video games. I like all the visual effects with color full bokeh and smokes and slow motion scene. She said if there were a drug like in the movie, I would have tried it. LOL.
It was at 10 when the movie ended. We were so hungry and really craved for some noodle soup. We wanted to go to Motomachi Shokudo on Deman but we ended up at Kintaro Ramen.

Cheese Ramen for Jeanette

and Spicy Garlic Ramen (fat and rich) for me

Noodle soup is always the best choice of a late night meal.

Kintaro Ramen 金太郞 on Urbanspoon


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