29 October 2012

As an usual consequence of a hard-core party night, we all got hangover. When we were sleeping at my place, J just suddenly woke up and rushed to go home (such a good girl :P) That pissed me off so bad because I wanted to enjoy my lazy Sunday snoozes with her. After watching ManU kick Chelsea's ass, I went back to my sleep and took a long nap until afternoon. We were craving for some Japanese ramen and decided to go for Motomachi Shokudo on Denman street.

hahaha, I panicked when I saw it was 7:59 a.m! so I just got ready so quickly and ran home :p
After catching up with some sleep, we met up again and headed to Motomachi Shokudo - My favorite Ramen place in Vancouver. I know there is tons of ramen place popping up around the town. I'm no expert in Ramen, but I prefer deep, clean, msg free, not too fatty taste and Motomachi Shokudo delivers exactly that. We both had nama shoyu ramen which is soy sauce based. also, we had bbq pork platter. I love their spicy sauce because it taste like korean sauce that I make for acorn jelly dish or eggplant dish. It was a lot of food and we killed them lol and I was complaining that my tummy's gonna burst as I walk out hahaha...
Nama Shoyu Rame w/ Burnt Onion Oil

 BBQ Pork platter

Motomachi Shokudo 元町食堂 on Urbanspoon


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