03 November 2012

Since I got a birthday party of my close friend Duy last night, we couldn't spend our Friday night together. However, we tried to meet up and had some very good afternoon meal at Giovane Cafe + Winebar located in Pacific Rim Hotel near Coal Harbour. It is such a nice cafe with great foods and wine. I have been looking for cafes like this in Vancouver because I'm not a big fan of the chain coffee shops like Starbucks in which the food sucks and coffee is average. I want some cafes with different characteristics and different experiences on their food and services. We got really nice seats near the window so we can watch people while enjoying our good food. The food is totally made in house, fresh and impressive.

"I'm so hungry but I will try to smile..." 

Jeanette: Giovane has AMAZING pizza - the one we ordered was Funghi (mushroom) and the aroma of truffle oil was to die for...I'm still drooling thinking of it...lol
Giovane is well-known for its hot chocolate and wine bar as well. We should come back here in the evening for wine & cheese here. I am 1000% sure that you will like it :)

The Funghi Pizza 

Daily Special Sandwich - was it turkey with cranberry sauce and prosciutto? 

Pizza was way too amazing and wiped out all the memory about this sandwich lol 
but this was good too!

Handmade pastas 

We were surprised to see the chef to come out and display & dry their handmade pasta.

Ahhh, daily dose of self portrait lol 

Everything seems to be done right here ;) 


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