12 November 2012

 I've never been to China, but for me, Crystal mall (especially food court and market downstairs) feels like a little China.:D  On Remembrance day, we went to Crystal mall to have some Chinese food & buy some papaya!

First off, we ordered Guiyang Style Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup from Huaxi noodle Specialist :) Of course, I have asked them to make it "extra-spicy" and it was just about right for me. Its heat comes mostly from chili  oil and peppercorn. The soup had surprisingly plenty of chicken pieces (bone-in) and it was well marinated. I don't know exactly how this noodle soup should be prepared but I think they use pre-braised chicken since the chicken marinade was saltier than the actual broth.  I wish that the soup was hotter (in temp.) but maybe that's too much to expect from food court vendor.
Guiyang Style Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup 

We also ordered some Xiao Long Bao (XLB) from Xu's Wonton House. We have not tried enough XLB to judge the taste but we both liked it. They were very hot and juicy inside but felt like the skin was a bit too thick on the top. 

 Xiao Long Bao 

 After having noodle and XLB, we decided to exercise(?) and walk around the mall to prep our stomach for some icy dessert. :)

Veggie & Fruit market. There were a huge line up! 
I bought papayas and grape here and both were just so tasty!! 

We always come to Crystal mall just to have this...ICY! Today, we decided to go for 4 Mixed Icy from Cherry's Tea & Icy Bar since it was just two of us. So, for 4 mixed icy, you will choose 4 ingredients to put on your shaved ice. We chose red bean sauce, lychee, mochi and almond tofu. After carefully putting the toppings on top of the ice, they will put little more ice and condensed milk + Syrup combo - YUM!

4 mixed icy

 look at that lychee and mochi....I'm drooling now.

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