05 November 2012

I think we are becoming food bloggers now :D. We love food way too much - We talk about other food item while having a meal or share recipe and drool while eating other things. lolzz
Okay, so this time we finally got to visit my favorite Guu in Vancouver: Guu Otokomae in Gastown.

Always start with David's pre-meal pic :P

Blanche de Chambly (pale ale from Quebec) & Kirin (it was clearly marked that this Kirin was brewed in Germany - does that make some difference about the Japanese beer???) 

Grilled Black Cod - THE BEST

If I have to choose the type of fish that I love the most "grilled", it would be no doubt Black Cod. It has delicate white meat with natural sweetness to it. 

Fried Brie Cheese w/ Mango & Blueberry sauce

Too Cheesy for Puggy ;p but I loved it!

BBQ EEL Bibimbap

Ok, I really have problem with Japanese restaurant putting Korean menu name without acknowledging that it's Korean... :P Anywho~ yes, Bibimbap is korean word for "mixed rice". we have different variety of it and basically the ways you can make it is limitless :)  This kind was made in hot stone bowl, keeping all ingredients hot and also it can create crispy bits of rice on the bottom. Both David & I loved the crispy parts ;)  

Maguro with 5 sauces

This dish is visually pleasing and tasted as good as well. They mixed chopped tuna sashimi with crispy wonton bits, avocado and other veggie with 5 different sauces - Teriyaki/ cucumber/ Mango/ Wasabi/ Yuzu

Keep in mind that this is not the dish which you can taste the fresh, natural taste of sashimi itself. This is more of modern/fusion take on things like negitoro (tuna belly + green onion mix) You cannot taste all sauces individually but it is really good! We were both thinking that we could have a bowl of rice with this one on top with some bonito flakes + toasted garlic flakes + nori and it would taste heavenly.

We were so stuffed after meal and could not go for the hot stone bowl dessert at Guu. I gotta pace myself next time and try that for sure! :) 

Guu Otokomae on Urbanspoon
Guu Otokomae on Urbanspoon


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