16 November 2012

Since both David and I were so busy this week, we were dying for a little getaway. Since the weather was not that cooperative, we did not know where to go until the last minute :P Finally, we decided to head to Harrison Hot Spring for relaxation :))
Oh boy, but the traffic to Harrison Hot Spring was just so BAD,,,! We were stuck on one section of the highway for about 1 hour and when we arrived at the resort, it was too dark :( On top of that, I was dead hungry...to the point I cannot even talk. So, as soon as we checked in, we ran out to have good old German food at Black Forest Restaurant.

Can't say no to German beer :)

Very warm & yummy bread

*Picture time* 

Hausegemachte Bratwurst
in-house made Bratwurst + fried onion & peppercorn sauce 
* There was nothing to complain about this dish. Perfectly juicy sausages in generous portion with the sauce & sauerkraut was.....mmm mmm mmm so good!

 Pork Hock 
*Oven Roasted Pork hock was amazing. The skin was crispy and the meat & fat inside was so juicy. I am used to korean-style braised pork hock with lots of spices. It seems like this dish did not have so much spice in it but there was no unpleasant smell of pork. I guess that is the sign of a good pork hock roast. :)

Cozy interior. 
There were vintage skis and snowshoe on the wall. 

Overall, we enjoyed our meal in Black Forest Steak & Schnitzel House. I do not know how objective we could be at the time as people say that Hunger is the best sauce in the world :) hehe

As soon as we came back to hotel, we headed to pools. It was quite nice to have quiet, relaxing time outside of the city :) 
We bought some beer and had them with Bento that i brought from home (spicy dried squid snack from Thailand) I had Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale & it was great for my taste - refreshing and not too hoppy :)

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