19 November 2012

Our Sunday passed by just like a wink. I got up so late and spent the whole afternoon to do my assignment while  Jeanette was attending a honey wine making class with her family. It's nothing much to say except our new place to go for late night snacks since I'm kinda fed up with bubble tea or hot chocolate.

Jeanette versus Food

Mimibuloveme is a small cafe on Cambie at 41st Avenue. It serves Japanese parfaits, crepes, pastas and drinks. The food is pretty fine. We got a Tiramisu parfait, a Chicken Okonomiyahki Crépe, and a Mango Yogurtne. I like the parfait with lady fingers and coffee ice creams in the top. The chicken crepe is OK since the crepe skin is kinda thick and looks burnt. Jeanette loves her mango yougurtne with the soy milk added.

Mango Yogurtne

Tiramisu Parfait

Chicken Crépe

The design of the cafe is pretty cool with the wall decorated by some paintings and some cat items. The chef is actually an artist who draws all the paintings on the wall. The white naked guy in those paintings looks funny and creepy at the same time. The service is pretty good.

Mimibuloveme on Urbanspoon


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