04 November 2012

I can really feel the winter creeping in Vancouver these days. I have been in Vancouver more than 13 years but annual denial and short term memory loss of what Vancouver winter is like is something I cannot get over  :p  Well, this weather can be miserable but it is definitely a perfect one to try different soup-y dish around town. Today, we went to Ramen Jinya for good old Japanese Ramen. 

I usually have their shoyu ramen, but this time, they had a new addition to their menu. RED LABEL SPICY RAMEN. (There is one thing you have to understand about me. I LOVE spicy food. It's kind of addiction of mine.)  I really wanted to try level 10, but I was worried that it would be like drinking Wings' Bobby Wing sauce. Also, the waitress told us some guy cried after eating level 10...Interesting. So I tried level 8 and David tried level 5 :D  

Level 5 

Level 8 - It's basically the same but more red than 5. 

The spiciness of level 8 was enough to make me sweat and create temporary botoxed lip effect. When you first have a sip of the soup, it is not that bad - it's not kick-in-your-throat kind of heat (You know those kind where you have it while inhaling  and you will choke on the spiciness) This one was quite mild in flavor but the heat will very soon build up in your mouth. As usual, their soup base was very rich and flavorful but I wished they had little more veggie and meat in the soup. I am too used to Motomachi Shokudo's ramen, so Ramen Jinya's ramen seemed to have less variety of things to chew on while enjoying the noodle itself. Overall, we enjoyed the Red label Spicy Ramen and next time, I shall challenge level 10...haha! 

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