01 September 2013

Shot of someone else's delectable bunch plates :)

Brasserie Breakfast Poutine
This poutine had plenty of thick-cut bacon and cheese curds with oodles of gravy. Also, they have topped this off with a drizzle of truffle oil and jiggly poached egg. Just Perfect :) 

Daily Special: Halibut Croquette with poached eggs 
Halibut Croquette was perfectly moist and flaky and complemented runny yolks and creamy hollandaise sauce.  

Then, to few store next to Brasserie, we went to Transylvaninan Traditions. 
Since we have tried filled chimney cake at the Richmond night market, we wanted to try and see how Transylvanian Tradition's chimney cake differs. *Unfortunately I deleted pic of the actual chimney cake and all I have left is my instagram photo...

This Chimney cake did not have any filling but had lemon glaze inside which was not too sweet (which I like) and the bun was crunchy outside and soft and a little bit gooey inside. 

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